Some places tempt not by execessive richness, but by the simplicity of classical beauty. Such places give pleasure from the harmony of perfect architectural proportions and their concord with nature and their environments.  These are places where stone floors captivate you with their simple beauty and the history they embrace.  You climb three hundred year old stairs, huge oak stair steps, worn smooth by the feet of many generations.  There are solid doors, hanging on baroque iron hinges, opening slowly to invite you into the word of a peaceful home, ideally integrated into the landscape of an antique park and vegetable garden, where English roses mark borders for artichokes and purple cabbage and lavender lies in the sun with marjoram, sage and rosemary.

Nakomiady Palace is not a hotel. It’s a House of Classical Beauty, where we respect the excellence of well-balanced, classical and simple forms. It’s an Open House, to all those, who like calmness, beauty of form and content, space, harmony and orderliness. A place which allows 300 years old floor to live, but it doesn’t reject comfortable beds nor internet. It joints easily warmth of soft pillows with salon-size bathrooms. It’s a House, where we appreciate all what’s good: companionship, wine, food and friendly atmosphere.

Nakomiady Palace is a member of “Historyczne Hotele Polska” , a part of “Historic Hotels of Europe” network.