Raven’s Room

The Raven Room has its own history and we are emotional about it.  Many years ago, two raven chicks fell down from their nest in a big ash tree.  The doorman brought them to the house and we put them in this room (long before the renovation).  We fed them for weeks and finally the time came for them to learn to fly.  The two ravens seemed to be getting along all right when a big storm came one night.  We don’t know what happened, but the next morning, we found only one bird, lying in a puddle, half paralyzed.  That was the befinning of our six year story with “Krunio”.  The raven is one of the most intelligent birds.  After a few years, our Krunio learned to tell long stories in which we could hear our guard calling his dog, the dog coming, the guard yelling at the dog, and the dog barking; or very dramatic discussions of workings, including profanity.  We could differentiate voices, moods and subjects, but never clearly understand the words.  We have noticed that Kunio would only recite his monodrams when he was alone, sitting on his stone.  He had a strong wish to live and fly even though he had a broken wing.  Every morning he tried to fly down the stairs.  And every morning he landed with his beak in the earth.  He loved fruit cake and would attack people’s bare feet.  He allowed Piotr and me to stroke his head.  Since we remember Krunio so fondly, we named the room after him.  It’s decorated in light linen colors.  Above the bed there is a picture of Krunio, painted by my father.  In the bathroom, there are ornaments with a raven motif.  I don’t have to mention that the windows of this room face on the old ash tree – the first home of the ravens.

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