Pastel Room

The Pastel Room was supposed to be completely different.  I planned wallpapers with Toile de Jouy design and baroque style furniture.  The room is cool and warm, at the same time.  It brings a very positive reaction – people instinctively like it.  The bathroom is decorated with tiles with a design taken from a very original ceramic bath that we obtained for renovation.  This bathroom has only one west-facing window.  All other windows were walled up.  Why?  Because the west winds are very strong.  The former owners were not able to keep the rooms on the west side warm and it doesn’t surprise us.  They are 50 square meters and the ceilings are over five meters high.  But the west side also means beautiful sunsets.  The evening light show is incredible.  There is also a beautiful view of the fields, and in the evening hours the singing of a special kind of frog called the “Kumak” makes the moments unforgettable.

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